Program Management

The scope of our services is broad and encompasses the entire benefits process throughout the year.  Our service delivery is customized based on your specific needs.

Annual Review

How does your benefits program and pricing compare with competing insurance carriers and to your competition?  Insuring a competitive program is not only essential for your budget, but for recruiting and retaining top talent.  Lawman Benefits Consulting will work to design, implement, and maintain a benefits program that is cost-effective, competitive, and valuable to your employees and their families.

Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is a key event during the annual cycle of any benefits program.  Arguably, it is also one of the most stressful times for human resources professionals and small business owners.  Your Lawman Benefits Consulting team handles all aspects of open enrollment;

  • Custom materials preparation and printing
  • On-site meetings and education sessions
  • Enrollment and eligibility changes
  • Payroll deduction calculations and contribution scenarios
  • Coordination and setup of Section 125, COBRA, HSA and other peripherals

Education and Advocacy

Health insurance is complicated, and it’s not getting any easier.  It is important that your employees have an expert and someone in their corner to answer difficult questions and advocate on their behalf.  Clear and understandable education and support is an essential part of creating value for your employees.

Customized Benefits Material

Lawman Benefits Consulting prides itself on developing custom, high-quality material.  In addition to providing material required by the Affordable Care Act, many of our clients receive custom benefit guides, forms, and other materials unique to their company and benefits package.  This helps to showcase your benefits package to employees and candidates as well as provide helpful tips and contact information.

Participant Management

Your Lawman Benefits Consulting team will take on the majority of all administrative tasks associated with your benefits program, such as; new hire orientations, eligibility changes, billing, and administrative support.

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