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Small employers are the backbone of our business community and economy.  However, more than larger employers, small businesses can be highly susceptible to changes in economic conditions and fluctuating expenses.  Payroll, taxes, and employee benefits are frequently the highest costs a business owner will incur and must be managed with great care.

Regardless of size, all employers are competing for a talented workforce to keep their business running smoothly and moving forward.  A competitive pay structure and valuable benefits programs are essential to recruiting and retaining the best talent. 

Lawman Benefits Consulting helps small employers design, implement, and maintain cost-effective, high-quality benefits programs.  Emphasis is placed on easing day-to-day administration, ACA compliance, and providing employees with personalized attention.

Custom benefits guides and material, personalized enrollments, group meetings, and open communication show your employees how much you care about their health and wellbeing and improves the overall morale of your team!

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